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Is A Certified Pre-Owned Better Than A New Car?

When you’re in the market for your next vehicle, you might find yourself torn between a new or used vehicle or the happy medium of a certified pre-owned car, otherwise known as a CPO vehicle.
Which is the better choice for your drives around East Stroudsburg, Mt. Pocono, and Scranton? Both CPO and new vehicles have their advantages, and our team at Ray Price Chevrolet is here to tell you the full details and differences between the two.

What Makes A CPO… A CPO?

You might first be wondering what the difference is between a used car and a certified pre-owned vehicle. First, there are a few standards that a pre-owned vehicle has to meet for the manufacturer to name it "certified."
The vehicle must have low mileage - typically under 85,000 miles - along with little to no damage. These vehicles are also put through a multipoint inspection and come equipped with a warranty and CARFAX Vehicle History Report™.

Is A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Right For Me?

Now that you know a little bit about the background of a CPO vehicle, let's go over some pros of choosing a CPO over a new car. As we mentioned, your CPO will come backed by a limited warranty. In most cases, you can usually take your vehicle to any manufacturer for repairs covered by this warranty, which is a huge advantage.
Plus, there's always the price factor to consider. A certified pre-owned vehicle is typically going to be less in cost than a brand-new vehicle. So, you'll get the perks of a new ride, without the higher price tag.
Of course, a CPO vehicle is going to have some wear and tear. You won't always find a brand-new set of tires or brakes, so you may have to replace a part sooner than if the car were brand new.

The New Car Scoop

However, new cars have their pros, too. When you purchase a brand-new vehicle, there's little-to-no mileage on it, along with no wear and tear. Additionally, you'll get the most up-to-date technology features, including safety features.
Purchasing a new vehicle, though, does mean a higher price tag. Because the value of vehicles goes down mostly in the first few years, you'll be paying the depreciation of it, which could mean you'll be losing money in the end.

Certified Pre-Owned Vs New Vehicles

Both certified pre-owned and new vehicles have their perks and downsides. Really, it's up to you to decide which option works better for your lifestyle and budget.
At Ray Price Chevrolet, we have a large selection of both new and certified pre-owned vehicles at our showroom. We provide drivers in the East Stroudsburg, Mt. Pocono, and Scranton areas with the right cars, trucks, and SUVs for their lifestyles, along with a quick and simple car-buying process.
Check out which vehicle is right for you, and contact us to schedule a test drive today!

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