Oil Change Near Me

Oil Change Near Me

At Ray Price Chevrolet, we take oil changes seriously. After all, getting your car's oil changed is the #1 way to protect your investment and maximize its everyday performance.

Luckily, when you bring your sedan, truck, or SUV to our Mount Pocono service center for an oil change near me, our certified service experts ensure it gets the best possible care with a quick turnaround.

Explore the rest of this page to learn more about oil changes and why our service center should be your first choice when looking for an oil change near me.


Why Is Motor Oil Important?


Motor oil is crucial to the overall health of your vehicle and plays two key roles: It lubricates the engine's metal parts so they can move past one another without causing damage and it cools the engine's high-heat processes to prevent overheating.


What Happens When You Avoid Oil Changes?

As you drive and add more miles on your vehicle, the engine oil gets dirty and thick, losing its ability to properly coat engine parts and keep things cool. Driving with dirty or too little oil can cause serious engine damage and-in extreme cases-total engine failure.


How Do I Know It's Time To Change My Car's Oil?

The tricky part about oil changes is that not all cars follow the same change frequency. In addition to consulting your owner's manual for this information, it's a wise idea to abide by the 10,000-mile rule: Never exceed 10,000 miles driven without an oil change.

Signs I Need An Oil Change

If you aren’t sure how many miles have passed since your last oil change, you can look to specific symptoms that suggest another change is needed.

First, keep an eye on the performance of your vehicle. You know what to expect of your model, so if you find your MPG is lower or your acceleration is slow, it may trace back to your motor oil.

Secondly, you can check the oil level of your car by looking at the dipstick. The quality of the oil is important, too. If the oil is murky and black in color, it’s worn down and should be swapped out.

Finally, any smoke or smells coming from under the hood could also be traced back to motor oil. Also, most modern vehicles have an oil change alert along the dashboard!

Schedule An Oil Change Appointment With A Provider Near You

If you're looking for an oil change near me in Mount Pocono, Scranton, East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg, or Tobyhanna, then you can trust us for timely oil changes. The team at Ray Price Chevrolet makes it easier than ever to schedule an oil change appointment.

You can:
Schedule an oil change today.
• Call our certified service team.
• Stop by our service center on PA-940.

Have questions? Our service center team is always happy to help. Select the link to your town or city to find out about the oil change services we provide in your area or get in touch with us directly today.

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