Oil Change Stroudsburg PA


Oil Change Stroudsburg PA

Scheduling regular oil changes near Stroudsburg, PA, will help keep your model running smoothly along local highways. The service shop at Ray Price Chevrolet provides the specialized care and efficient work that your vehicle needs. Setting up your appointment can be done quickly.

If you aren't quite sure how often you should receive an oil change or don't understand the benefits of this routine procedure, keep reading. In the following sections, we'll cover oil change frequency, the benefits of healthy oil, and the warning signs of worn-down oil.


How Often Should I Get An Oil Change?

The frequency of an oil change depends on the type of vehicle you drive, where you drive, and your own personal driving habits. Still, you can typically rely on the 5,000-mile marker as a good time to schedule an oil change.

However, you'll likely want to have your oil changed more frequently if you regularly tow heavy equipment or drive a high-performance model. Why? Well, towing and high-performance engines can put excess stress on your engine, which causes the oil to wear down faster.

If the weather in your area is often extremely hot or intensely cold, you'll likely need to change the oil in your vehicle more frequently as well.

To find the recommended oil change for your specific model, though, make sure to check the owner's manual! Here, you'll find the recommended oil change interval from the manufacturer.


What's The Purpose Of An Oil Change?

Motor oil is a crucial part of your engine's complex system. Along with increasing the performance of your vehicle, it also ensures your engine remains healthy. How? Well, read on to find out!

Dirt and other debris can build up in your engine over time. To pick up this debris, the oil flows through the engine before entering the filter. By doing so, it keeps your oil healthy and clean. It also helps with lubrication. Without lubrication, the various components in your engine system would wear down quickly. By lubricating all of these fast-moving parts, the oil reduces the friction to help the engine perform efficiently.

Lastly, the engine oil helps with temperature regulation. When the oil is fresh, it helps prevent the engine from overheating, even if you're driving for several hours on a hot summer day.


Signs I Need My Oil Changed

If you aren't quite sure when your vehicle is due for an oil change, check for the following signs of low engine oil.

First, you can check the oil itself. Motor oil should be golden-brown in color and have a fluid-like consistency. If the oil is thick with a dark color and sludge-like consistency, it's time to schedule an immediate oil change.

Additional signs include:

  • Odd sounds coming from the engine
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Smoke coming from the hood
  • Weak performance

Get Your Oil Changed Near Stroudsburg PA

To get your oil changed in a timely fashion around Stroudsburg, PA, come by Ray Price Chevrolet. We'll happily perform the procedure so you can get back to enjoying your favorite model!

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