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How To Sell Your Used Car

If you’re looking for some extra cash or are about to purchase a new vehicle and no longer need your previous model, continue reading this page to learn how to sell your used car.

Various drivers around Mount Pocono, Tobyhanna, Scranton, Stroudsburg, and East Stroudsburg may want to sell their pre-owned vehicle. Luckily, Ray Price Chevrolet can help you with this process! Keep on reading to find out how to sell your used car today.

Why Sell My Used Car?

When you're considering selling your used car, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before deciding whether this is a savvy decision or not.

For example, do you have a use for this vehicle? Is the car or the cash payout for the car more beneficial to your current situation? Are you going to get another method of transportation or do you already have one?

Selling your used car makes sense if you have another way to get around or if you want to have some extra cash in your pocket.

Where To Sell My Used Car?

If you get in touch with our friendly dealership, we'll sit down and discuss prices for your used car as well as answer any questions you may have.

We have an entire team of trained employees devoted to this type of topic, and you can find them at our financial center. They understand the ins and outs of used car sales and will help you land a favorable deal.

Selling Without Buying

A common misconception is that most dealerships will only buy a used car as a trade-in, requiring you to purchase a model as well. Our dealer will happily buy your used vehicle, whether you're looking to purchase another car or not.

Our end goal is to simply help you get a good price for your used vehicle!

Sell Used Cars Mount Pocono, PA

If you're considering selling your used car for any reason, Ray Price Chevrolet is the place to go. We have a detailed financial center that gives you the ability to speak with professionals if you have questions.

So, if you're looking to sell your used car near Mount Pocono, Tobyhanna, Scranton, Stroudsburg, or East Stroudsburg, know that Ray Price Chevrolet is happy to give you a good deal.

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