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How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Used Car?

The subject of how often to change engine oil has caused spirited debates in offices and garages all throughout the world for years.

The simple truth is this: modern synthetic oils can go well beyond the 3,000-mile mark without hurting performance or damaging your engine. Still, you should have your oil quality checked at regular intervals to ensure that you aren't having issues. Oil quality checks also come at regularly scheduled intervals where other service tasks, like a tire rotation, may need to be performed.

To help drivers in Mount Pocono, Nazareth, and Easton make the right decision for their car, here are a few considerations to keep in mind when gauging how long you can go without an oil change. You can also come to Ray Price Chevrolet in Mt. Pocono for servicing, advice, and regular maintenance for your Chevrolet car, truck, or SUV.


Engine Oil Type

The 3,000-mile mark became standard before additives and synthetic lubricants were commonplace on engine oil. However, not everyone who changes their oil will use these advanced synthetic lubricants.

Check the owner's manual for your vehicle model and their recommended engine oil type. Some synthetics and blends last longer than others, so read the information on the oil carefully while keeping your manufacturer recommendations in mind.

Mileage And Age

If you have a vehicle with a high odometer reading over 150,000 miles or more, you may want to switch to a high mileage formula version of the recommended oil. The same goes for engines that are 10 years or older, which may need specific formulas since newer synthetics can interfere with performance.

Ask a trusted mechanic for advice on if you have a high mileage or older vehicle.

Vehicle Stress And Use

Vehicles that get pushed often will need oil changes at shorter intervals. Some drivers who handle heavy conditions, like extreme weather or steep mountain driving, will have to change their oil before the 3,000-mile mark.

If you regularly subject your vehicle to short trips, heavy acceleration, constant stop-and-go-traffic, extreme weather, dusty roads, towing, or steep driving up Mount Pocono, then you may want to check your engine oil quality. To find out if the engine oil needs to be replaced soon, check the oil once a week.

Manufacturer-Recommended Service Intervals

Even if you decide not to change your oil at the manufacturer-recommended mileage or time mark, make an appointment to bring in your vehicle for other services that occur during this time. Keeping up with recommended service intervals is the cheapest and easiest way to extend the mileage of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs.

Here is a used car maintenance checklist you can use to keep your vehicle running well, along with some advice for finding your perfect automobile.

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