Worth Buying Certified Used Car Mount Pocono PA

Is It Worth It To Buy A Certified Used Car?

If you've been shopping for your next vehicle lately near Stroudsburg or East Stroudsburg, you've probably considered a variety of makes and models, both new and used. And some might have occupied that nebulous space in the middle: certified pre-owned, or CPO.

You may be wondering: Is it worth it to buy a certified used car? That depends on what you're looking for in your next ride! But, our team at Ray Price Chevrolet is here to help equip drivers in Scranton, Tobyhanna, and Mount Pocono with the tools they need to answer that question for themselves.

What Is A Certified Used Car?

With certified used cars, you get many of the benefits of buying new, mixed with those of buying used. A certified car generally exhibits the following qualities:

  • Low mileage, from a recent model year
  • Fully inspected and reconditioned, according to manufacturer specifications
  • Backed by extended factory warranties

It's important to check whether the car in question is "manufacturer certified" or "dealer certified." If a car has only been certified by the dealer, it may not be restored to manufacturer specifications or have a manufacturer-backed warranty-good at other dealers from that brand. When shopping for certified cars, look for manufacturer certification to get top value.

Why Get Certified Pre-Owned?

There are many advantages to buying certified. When you choose certified over a traditional used car, you have a bit more protection against repair costs. Not only has the car been fully inspected and refurbished, but its extended warranty will cover some types of repairs, giving you predictable costs and peace of mind for the first few years of ownership.

A certified pre-owned car typically comes with a free CARFAX® Vehicle History Report, so you can get a good look at the vehicle's maintenance history. From maintenance to accidents to fire and water damage, you can feel a bit more confident knowing what you're getting.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars: The Verdict

So, is it worth it to buy a certified used car? As with many car-shopping decisions, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If getting behind the wheel of a reconditioned, low-mileage used vehicle with predictable repair costs seems worthwhile to you, shopping CPO is a great choice.

New and regular used cars each have their own place, as well. If you want to customize your next car with specific colors and packages, or like the peace of mind that comes along with being the first driver behind the wheel, you may prefer new cars. Yet, with technological advancements, used cars today are safer and more reliable than ever been before.

Shop CPO Vehicles At Ray Price Chevrolet

For shoppers in Mount Pocono, Stroudsburg, and Scranton, the CPO program at Ray Price Chevrolet may be worth looking into. All our CPO cars have undergone a rigorous 172-point inspection and include two General Motors backed warranties (powertrain and bumper-to-bumper).

If you live near East Stroudsburg or Tobyhanna, you can shop our certified pre-owned inventory today-or, give us a call to learn more about certified used cars!